Benefits of Improving Indoor Air Quality

The Importance of Great Indoor Air Quality

The quality of the air inside the spaces that we spend most of our time in, such as in the house or in the office, determines not only the way we feel inside these spaces, but our overall health as well – here are a few of the most important benefits of improving indoor air quality:

  • Deep and healthy breathing – your body reacts to the particles inhaled during breathing – if the quality of the air is poor, your breathing will be shallow, but if the air around you is clean and fresh, you will take deeper breaths, which will improve the level of oxygenation in all the cells of your body.
  • Improved sleep – fresh and clean air is essential for your body while resting as well, making your sleep deeper and more refreshing.
  • Help with allergies – 10-30 percent of the world’s population suffers from some kind allergies or conditions that affect the respiratory tract. If you improve the quality of the air in your home or in your office, you can be safe from allergens or at least you can considerably reduce the presence of harmful particles, thus preventing allergic flare-ups and reducing the risk of developing respiratory illnesses. Call upon one of the best Denver HVAC companies to clean your air ducts, to improve the air quality in your home.

Which Plants Can Improve Indoor Air Quality in My Home?

Plants Add To Indoor Air Quality

Placing plants around the house is one of the best and easiest ways to improve the quality of the air inside your home, along with AC and furnace maintenance help from your Denver residential HVAC contractors – here are some plants that are not only attractive and easy to take care of, but also very efficient in cleaning the air:

  • Peace lily – the most efficient plant for removing organic particles, the peace lily requires very little water and filtered light to thrive and to delight you with its beautiful white flowers.
  • Devil’s ivy – another very attractive evergreen houseplant that requires very little attention and can efficiently filter the air in your home.
  • Chrysanthemum – available in many colors, these plants can efficiently remove benzene, ammonia, xylene and formaldehyde from the air.
  • Ficus – this hardy plant thrives equally well indoors and outdoors and it efficiently removes formaldehyde and benzene.
  • Boston fern – this one loves indirect light and moist environments – if you can provide these conditions, your fern will grow fast and keep the air in your home fresh.
  • Bamboo – one of the fastest growing and most efficient air cleaners around, bamboo can reach the height of 12 feet, adding an exotic spot to your home design and clean air to boot.

How to Get Your Denver HVAC System Ready for Spring

Time For Spring HVAC Readiness

Preparing HVAC systems for the spring is very important, especially in Denver, where the climate is so unpredictable. Unless you are a qualified HVAC specialist yourself, the easiest way to get your unit ready for changeable spring weather is to hire a technician to inspect the system and to carry out the necessary maintenance and repair tasks – here is what your technician will do to get your furnace ready for the spring:

  • Testing and inspection – the technician will do a test run on your furnace to check for strange noises, to check the cycle length and he will also check the heaters in the rooms as well.
  • Cleaning – the technician will also remove the cover of the furnace to clean the components of the units.
  • Filter cleaning or replacement – disposable filters need to be regularly removed and permanent filters need cleaning before the spring.
  • Checking for leaks and cracks – your technician will also carry out an air duct test to see whether all the ducts are healthy and to remove the ones that are cracked or leaking.
  • Checking the thermostat and the carbon monoxide detector – both checking operations are essential to ensure the proper, safe functioning of your HVAC system. Pre-spring maintenance can also include upgrades, such as the installation of a programmable thermostat for more efficient cooling and heating cycles.

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Safety tips for the workplace

Keep Everyone In Agreement - Safety First

Everyone has something to lose, if security at work is neglected. Companies with precarious safety and security systems use precious resources to treat accidents and diseases that could have been avoided.   As a local Denver commercial heating and cooling company putting safety first is our motto.  On the other hand, those companies that play smart and put a robust work safety strategy in place receive many benefits in return:

  • increasing productivity as a result of reducing work absences caused by health problems
  • reducing costs related to health care
  • keeping older workers in the system
  • keeping at the minimum the number of people who have to reduce their work schedule in order to care for a family member.

When adopting and implementing the necessary measures to protect the safety and health of your employees, you must take into account the following general principles related to prevention:

  • avoiding risks
  • assessing unavoidable risks
  • preventing the source of the risks
  • meeting the accommodation needs of your employees, especially in terms of designing the work place, choosing adequate equipment and methods, in order to keep them safe and motivated
  • considering the evolutions of the technique
  • replacing what is dangerous with what is not dangerous or less dangerous
  • planning prevention measures
  • providing your employees with periodic safety and security instructions.



The Colorado Business and building Climate

Business Concepts

When you plan to start a business, no matter where, you must work on finding correct information about the business climate in the area and in the state in general.

Recent statistics about the states with the best economies in the US place Colorado in a very good position – among the top 3. Many industries are thriving and adding to the overall national economy, not to mention that Colorado has many good specialists in economy, who contribute to the present business climate.

There is a current push for green and high-tech jobs, also jobs in the HVAC industry offering repair services on walk in cooler and other refrigeration equipment, and Colorado proves to be a good place when it comes to access to capital and technology & innovation.  However, the state received only an average score on business friendliness and workforce, due to the local business tax climate.

The most significant economic sectors in Colorado are:

  • Tourism – this state is full of great holiday destinations for every season
  • Constructions – this industry has grown exponentially since 2008 and currently faces a shortage in workforce. Most construction companies are permanently looking for qualified workers and are willing to increase their pay, by adding insurance and other bonuses.
  • Manufacturing – although not as significant as it used to be, this sector is still one of the drivers of the state`s economy
  • Mining (natural gas, coal, oil)
  • Food and agriculture –Colorado’s agriculture generates a significant percentage of the overall revenue and some new reports show that farming in this state becomes more and more appealing to people.


Great questions to ask an HVAC job applicant

Ask Questions - Get AnswersIf you are looking for a good and reliable technician for your team, you must take some time and prepare a comprehensive job interview for the applicants. The interview should have several sections with questions related to different aspects:

  1. Theoretical questions, involving specific terminology and focus on the customer service. Examples:
  • What is the difference between air conditioning and comfort cooling?
  • What is central air system and why is it different from a heat pump?
  • Do you have experience with the installation of a commercial refrigerator or cooler?
  • What is a CAV system?
  • What is a VAV system?
  • Can you explain the reason for using a compressor in refrigeration?
  • What is dual duct system?
  • What is air-water (hydronic) system?
  • What is vapor compression cycle and how does it work?
  • What is auto refrigeration?
  • How does a refrigerant compressor work?
  • Do you know the reason why the capacity of an air conditioner is measured in tons?
  • What is BTU?
  • What is CFM & infiltration?
  • As a HVAC technician, what are your main job duties?
  • Do you know the types of air conditioning systems?
  • What is the purpose of an AHU?
  • What is an air conditioner condenser?
  1. Questions asked to reveal details about the background of the prospective employees (education, skills, experience, previous jobs…)
  2. Questions about the future (career, financial expectations)
  3. Questions about personal qualities, strengths/weakness etc.

Essential Qualities of a Good Contractors

Benefits Of Hiring Contractors

Everyone needs the services of a good electrician now and then, considering that electrical problems involve high risks and are definitely not the DIY type. An electrician is generally responsible for all services related to electrical maintenance in a homes, institutions etc. If you want to hire one, you must know what qualities to look for in order to get quality and safety.

The most important qualities of an electrician refer to:

  1. Adequate training and experience

Qualification through education requires studies and exams that will make an electrician more capable than he was before, which is no different for a licensed Denver commercial HVAC technician either.  An experienced electrician knows how to deal with an electrical problem and find the best solution to fix it.

  1. Certification and license obtained from accredited institutions
  2. A good reputation

Reputation translates into good references and recommendations from previous clients or employers. If the electrician belongs to a company, you will also have to check the company`s reputation.

  1. Honesty

Honesty is one of the best qualities of any professional. Unfortunately, there are many electricians who are so focused on earning money that they may overlook the quality of the services that they must perform. Good electricians are honest throughout the entire project, providing fair price estimates, as well as guarantees for their work.

  1. Safety and precaution

When hiring an electrician, make sure that he is appropriately insured and willing to provide you with proof and details about this.


The Colorado job market: top industries, unemployment rates and other rankings

Colorado currently offers a great business environment, which attracts big companies in most industries, including technology and innovation, aerospace and defense.

Statistics from this year show that top industries in Colorado include scientific, technical and professional services, leisure and hospitality, health and social assistance, as well as trade, transportation, and utilities.   Some of the jobs include certified Denver commercial refrigeration repair technicians, licensed electricians, and so many more skilled labor jobs.

The unemployment rate in the state of Colorado is around 4%, which is lower than the national average, so the things are looking good. The state also has many professional organizations, training centers, industry associations and other support centers that make finding a job or establishing a career easier. The job opportunities and the quality of life are the two main factors that attract so many people to Colorado.

Other significant rankings from 2017

Denver comes second in the top of the best cities to start a career. The state of Colorado is in the fifth position in the top of the best states for job growth and ranks 1st as the most innovative state; it also ranks fourth among the best states to start a business and sixth in the top of the highest new business birth rates.



Pointers for finding a job in commercial HVAC

The HVAC industry has two main categories: residential and commercial. Professionals in residential HVAC work in people`s apartments, houses etc., while those in commercial HVAC serve companies, factories, office buildings etc. The two categories are similar in some ways, but also different in other ways.

People who want to find a job in a superb Denver commercial heating and cooling company quickly must know that breaking in this category typically requires a certain level of initial education including a license to handle refrigerant, also continuing education, an apprenticeship program or a few years of experience; these requirements are often higher than those for entering the residential part of the HVAC industry. This is because being hired by a company often means dealing with a significant amount of HVAC equipment; the systems are larger and more complicated, therefore hiring standards are higher.

On the other hand, the working schedule tends to be more stable for professionals in commercial HVAC, considering that emergencies are rarely noticed after business hours.

Candidates for a job in the commercial HVAC industry must be ready to prove their skills in working with different kinds of systems and custom installation, as well as with building managers that may be more demanding than homeowners.



Hiring tips for HVAC companies

Every reputable company that invests in its image is constantly looking for the best possible employees. When it comes to HVAC workers, they must be qualified and trained so that they have knowledge of technical data, systems  and controls, knowledge in repair of a walk in cooler refrigeration system and are familiar with the HVAC equipment, have good communication and customer service skills, are capable to employ various troubleshooting procedures, show interest in advanced training and have knowledge of all the codes in the HVAC industry.

For companies, it is often very challenging to find good workers, but not impossible; they key is to take into account several factors:

  • Do not recruit only when you are in desperate need for workers. Keep your eyes open and be ready to add a good employee to your team when you find him
  • There are many sources that you can use for recruiting – and you should really use them all: word of mouth, internet, media… If you have several candidates and must select only some of them, be sure to screen them carefully and prepare the right questions for the interview. You can even have the candidates go through more than one interview, just to have a well-rounded view of them in the end. Look for the candidates at work, check their level of experience and versatility, verify their credentials and make sure they have good references.