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Does My Business Need a New Walk-In Cooler?

Time To Change Old to New

Your walk in cooler is probably among the most important assets of your business – without it, food deteriorates quickly, beverages no longer give the refreshing experience they are supposed to provide and the damage quickly translates into lost customers. Unfortunately, no appliance lives forever, not even well-maintained ones, so if you notice any of the following signs, chances are your business needs a new walk in cooler:

  • The food and the ingredients that you keep in your cooler spoil faster than they should, even though the thermostat display indicates the right temperature range – the fault may be caused by a number of factors, including the seal around the door that no longer keeps the cool air in the chamber, the thermostat or other components that can be repaired or replaced, but if the problem keeps coming back, you might need a new cooler;
  • The cooler breaks down very often and you can no longer rely on your unit for longer than a few weeks between two repairs;
  • Your cooler has come out of warranty a long time ago;
  • If you have an exterior cooler and the walls develop holes or the unit has suffered some other kind of structural damage.