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Ice Machines

Commercial Ice Machine Repair, Maintenance and Installation

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Numerous industries utilize commercial Ice Machines for varying reasons – but ice machines can cause trouble if not proactively maintained.

Typical Ice Machine Problems

  • Slime/Mineral deposit buildup – This can become a huge issue if left untreated. Neglect can lead to costly repairs or even replacement.
  • Low water flow to the ice machine – This might be caused by the water supply itself or the water filter might be plugged up.
  • Water leaking into the machine – This is typically caused by a leaky inlet water valve. When this happens, ice cubes become oversized.
  • Room temperature too warm – Ice machine production is proportional to water and air temperature. Higher water and air temperatures result in lower production.
  • High water temperature – Water in excess of 90 degrees will take too long to freeze and will trip the freeze cycle timer. In this case, the ice machine will shut down in order to protect itself.

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