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Tips for Keeping Your House Cool in Summer

Keep Your House Cool

Turning on your air conditioner is certainly an efficient way to keep the air inside your home comfortably cool, but it is not the only method – here are a few other things you can do to keep your house cool:

  • Close the blinds – more than 30 percent of the heat that gets into your home comes through the windows. Use curtains, shades or blinds to block outside heat and to make it easier for your air conditioner to cool your rooms – close them early in the morning, before the sun’s rays become too strong and keep them shut until after sunset;
  • Improve night-time cooling – keep your doors cracked or wide open at night to let in the cool, refreshing air and to allow it to cool not only the air, but the walls and the objects inside the house as well;
  • Replace incandescent lights with fluorescent bulbs – incandescent bulbs not only use more energy, but they also emit more heat, so replacing them with modern, energy-efficient bills will reduce your electricity bills as well as the temperature in your home;
  • Limit cooking – try to reduce the time you spend using your stove and your oven to the minimum – get a garden grill and start experimenting with new recipes. Find residential HVAC Denver repair services at All Temperatures Controlled.