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A Short History of the Air Conditioner


HVAC History

Denver commercial HVAC modern air conditioning technology has been around for slightly over a century, but the concept of keeping the air inside buildings cooler than the air outside is several thousand years old – in ancient Egypt, people placed reeds in front of their windows and used buckets to trickle water down the reeds to prevent to cool down the air that gets into the house, while Romans installed aqueducts inside the walls of the home to prevent the walls from heating up with the help of water circulated inside the ducts.

Modern, electrical cooling was invented by an American engineer, Willis Haviland Carrier in 1902. The invention was initially used in printing houses to remove excess moisture from the air and to keep it cool to prevent the paper used from shrinking or stretching and to prevent the ink applied on the paper from slipping. The machine brought such huge popularity to the inventor that he soon decided to start his own air conditioner manufacturing company. By the 1920’s, the air conditioner reached the Sun Belt as well, making the hottest part of the country suitable for population growth and economic growth.

Carrier’s initial design underwent lots of changes – in 1945 Robert Sherman put together the first portable air conditioning unit that was able to control the moisture of the air as well and used replaceable filters for more durability.