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How to Work with Your Insurance Company

So your home was affected by a storm or damaged by fire, and you have to contact your insurance company to obtain your claim – not an easy task, even under the best of circumstances. Getting in touch with them is the easy part, and most insurers will be more than happy to send someone over to evaluate the damage.

However, you may need a slightly different approach to get them to consider your claim and take it seriously:


  1. Never give your statement to an insurance company without having your attorney present. Insurers will rarely help your case, even though in some cases the statement might not reduce the amount you recover in a settlement. An attorney, however, is your best chance at that.
  2. If medical bills are involved, make sure that your doctor bills your insurance company. Many doctors will wait until you settle before charging your coverage, and that can lead to you ending up a few thousand dollars short.
  3. Take as many photographs as you can of the areas affected by a flood, accident, fire or any other type of damage that may have befallen you or your home. This evidence will help your case if your insurer tries to make it look like the damage was minimal.

Although the ideal solution is to choose a good insurance company from the start, many people have already been working with a less reliable insurer for years. Also many companies know the importance of hiring a qualified and trustworthy Denver commercial HVAC company, and so should you for the repairs needed to make your home safe again.  If that’s you, then your best course of action is to rely on a trustworthy attorney to help manage your case.