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Trends in Restaurant Construction And Design

Restaurant construction and design is governed by trends, so if you are currently in the process of designing your restaurant or you want to update the looks of your place, here are the hottest, most fashionable trends:

  • Visible kitchens – a trend that merges the front and the back of the restaurant and offers customers the chance to take a glimpse of what goes on in a professional kitchen, thus improving trust by making the entire place transparent. It is also very statement worthy to have a walk in cooler to reflect the adherence of food laws.
  • Artsy environments – many restaurant spaces nowadays combine features of a gallery with components designed to offer customers comfort.
  • The balanced and dynamic combination of textures – a bar countertop made from concrete combined with wooden shelves in a rich deep brown, glass and steel furnishing items combined with textured fabrics in warm colors, industrial-style lighting elements in a toned-down environment are really hot today.
  • Minimalist design – a trend that has been around for a long time now, minimalist spaces that use only one or two materials and not more than three colors are still fashionable.
  • The combination of vintage and modern – like salt brings out sweetness in a dish and sugar can make saltiness more interesting, vintage décor elements add more personality to modern spaces and modern pieces make vintage settings easier to interpret.