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Tips for Maintaining Your Commercial Refrigerator

CAFE Owner

If you are the owner of a business that uses a commercial refrigerator, you probably know that the only way to keep your freezer unit in top shape and to prevent emergency breakdowns is by performing regular preventive maintenance operations on the unit. Here is what you need to do:

  • Cleaning – neglected and dirty refrigerators are not only unsightly, but dangerous for human health as well. To prevent the build-up of bacteria and contaminants, clean your refrigerator regularly and schedule professional cleaning by a HVAC expert at least twice a year to disassemble the unit and to have impurities removed from the components inside the freezer as well. Hire a good Denver commercial refrigeration repair technician to keep up with the maintenance.
  • Check the temperature every day – fluctuations in the temperature inside the unit usually indicate some sort of fault or a malfunctioning component. If you notice that the unit does not maintain the desired temperature, call a repair technician right away to avoid a costly breakdown or to prevent energy bills from running high.
  • Pay attention to how you use the doors – do not keep refrigerator doors open for too long and make sure the hinges, the handles and the locks on the doors are properly lubricated and they seal the interior perfectly.