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When Is It Time to Call an HVAC Pro?

HVAC Maintenance Time

HVAC units, whether used for cooling, for heating or for both, are complex, high-capacity pieces of equipment that take experienced technicians to maintain and to repair. Here are a few of the situations that require the attention of an HVAC expert:

  • The unit stops working – if your HVAC equipment stops working, even though the thermostat is set properly and the unit is switched to the desired operation mode (heating or cooling), call an expert right away.
  • The heat pump delivers cold air – if this happens, check whether the outdoor unit is not covered in ice or snow. If you don’t find any such problem outside, call a technician to check for the cause that led to the problem and to fix the unit.
  • The unit does not cool the room the way it should – if your room is too hot, even though the AC runs on full capacity, check and clean the filters. If the problem persists, make that service call because the issue might be caused by the fault of the thermostat, of the motor fans or of the compressor, otherwise call on Denver heating and cooling company technicians to inspect the unit.
  • Your energy bills are too high – increased energy consumption is usually a sign of poor efficiency that needs the attention of a professional.
  • Leaks and strange noises – two other symptoms that can be handled only by HVAC pros.