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Spring Cleaning Tips for My HVAC System

Spring Cleaning Tips

HVAC systems work hard all the time – in winter they provide the warmth that you need to feel comfortable in your home and in summer they keep your home cool. Winter and summer being the two seasons when HVAC units work at the top of their capacities, the best time to check and to clean your HVAC equipment is spring – here are a few easy cleaning procedures that you can take care of by yourself:

  • Removing dust – you can easily get rid of the dust that has accumulated inside the furnace by removing the cover of the unit and vacuuming it with your home vacuum. Make sure you disconnect the unit from the electrical power supply and from the gas supply as well (if your system runs on gas) to prevent accidents.
  • Cleaning or removing the filters – dust and other types of debris can clog HVAC filters, reducing the efficiency of the unit or even completely ruining the equipment. Replace disposable filters and remove permanent filters to clean them.
  • Inspect, clean and free the outdoor unit – debris can accumulate inside the outdoor unit as well, what’s more, vines and branches can grow around the box, reducing the efficiency of the system. Remove the leaves and twigs that have penetrated the interior of the outdoor unit, cut the branches that have grown around it and also check the drain hole for any blockages. Obviously if your heater or AC quits working, call one of the great air conditioning repair Denver technicians as soon as possible.