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Hiring tips for HVAC companies

Every reputable company that invests in its image is constantly looking for the best possible employees. When it comes to HVAC workers, they must be qualified and trained so that they have knowledge of technical data, systems  and controls, knowledge in repair of a walk in cooler refrigeration system and are familiar with the HVAC equipment, have good communication and customer service skills, are capable to employ various troubleshooting procedures, show interest in advanced training and have knowledge of all the codes in the HVAC industry.

For companies, it is often very challenging to find good workers, but not impossible; they key is to take into account several factors:

  • Do not recruit only when you are in desperate need for workers. Keep your eyes open and be ready to add a good employee to your team when you find him
  • There are many sources that you can use for recruiting – and you should really use them all: word of mouth, internet, media… If you have several candidates and must select only some of them, be sure to screen them carefully and prepare the right questions for the interview. You can even have the candidates go through more than one interview, just to have a well-rounded view of them in the end. Look for the candidates at work, check their level of experience and versatility, verify their credentials and make sure they have good references.