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What Happens When HVAC Companies Service Your Air Conditioner?

HVAC companies provide the complete range of air conditioner-related services. Most of them also provide in Denver Commercial HVAC services too!  They can handle repair, maintenance and installation – here are a few details about each of these services:


To assure proper performance, air conditioners need to be maintained every six months. Maintenance procedures include the detailed inspection of the unit, cleaning, the replacement of filters, the recharging of the refrigerant, checking the thermostat, cleaning the part of the unit that is outside the building, combing coil fins and testing the compressor.


Any air conditioner, even the smallest one is a complex machine, with many components that can break down. If your AC equipment stops working or it no longer delivers the performance it used to deliver, the HVAC experts you turn to will first of all inspect the air conditioner and will make measurements on it to identify the faulty component, then they will inspect the culprit to decide whether it can be repaired or it needs to be replaced. If you need a new part, they will order it using their professional supply chain or they will take it from their stock and will complete the repair installing the new part.


Most HVAC companies offer not only installation services, but consultation as well, so you can turn to them if you want a new air conditioner, but you don’t know too much about thermal units and air conditioner sizes.