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A Few Facts from the History of Air Conditioning

Successful Concept

The basic concept of air conditioning was invented and used by the ancient Egyptians who used who hung reeds kept moist with water trickling from above on windows to keep the air inside cool and kept, while the Romans used aqueducts installed in the walls of buildings to keep the walls cool with the help of circulated water.

The very first modern air conditioner that used electrical cooling was invented much later, only in 1902, by Willis Haviland Carrier, an American engineer and inventor. Initially, Carrier wanted to put together a machine that could control air quality and temperature in the printing plant where he was working to prevent changes in paper dimensions and to keep ink in place on the paper. The invention became so popular that Carrier soon opened his own air conditioning company to meet the increasing demand.

Carrier’s air conditioner was first used in production plants and, by the 1920’s, the invention became used in residential units and it spread to the Sun Belt as well, allowing for rapid population growth in the hottest region of the United States. Carrier’s design was further refined over the years and in 1945 Robert Sherman invented the first portable air conditioner that not only heated and cooled the air, but was also able to adjust the level of moisture in the air and used filters for improved air cleanliness as well.  The HVAC Denver industry has come a long way since the original invention of AC and Heating.