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The Colorado Business and building Climate

Business Concepts

When you plan to start a business, no matter where, you must work on finding correct information about the business climate in the area and in the state in general.

Recent statistics about the states with the best economies in the US place Colorado in a very good position – among the top 3. Many industries are thriving and adding to the overall national economy, not to mention that Colorado has many good specialists in economy, who contribute to the present business climate.

There is a current push for green and high-tech jobs, also jobs in the HVAC industry offering repair services on walk in cooler and other refrigeration equipment, and Colorado proves to be a good place when it comes to access to capital and technology & innovation.  However, the state received only an average score on business friendliness and workforce, due to the local business tax climate.

The most significant economic sectors in Colorado are:

  • Tourism – this state is full of great holiday destinations for every season
  • Constructions – this industry has grown exponentially since 2008 and currently faces a shortage in workforce. Most construction companies are permanently looking for qualified workers and are willing to increase their pay, by adding insurance and other bonuses.
  • Manufacturing – although not as significant as it used to be, this sector is still one of the drivers of the state`s economy
  • Mining (natural gas, coal, oil)
  • Food and agriculture –Colorado’s agriculture generates a significant percentage of the overall revenue and some new reports show that farming in this state becomes more and more appealing to people.