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The Best Jobs in the HVAC Industry

Working in the HVAC industry can be a really good career path, so let’s see the best job opportunities that the field has to offer. Data coming from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that in the next 5 years, jobs in this field will grow with about 20% and will provide the same long-term job security. This boom will be beneficial not just for HVAC technicians, but also for installers, engineers and managers.commercial air conditioning on building in denver

HVAC managers coordinate installation or repair projects and work with the customers to meet their service needs; engineers design HVAC systems or improve their maintenance; installers work directly on repairing and maintaining the heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems; as about the technicians, they deal with refrigeration systems, in residential or commercial/ industrial settings.

The job availability in this field also brings security and larger salaries for these professionals. Statistics show that inexperienced technicians receive an entry-level salary of $30,000-40,000 a year, while late career techs earn around $60,000 a year.  Find great HVAC Companies like All Temperatures Controlled that are always looking to improve and hire the best technicians.

We should also mention that certification in the HVAC industry is relatively affordable and simple to get: a master’s license plus a couple of years of training and experience – for designers and manufacturers, or a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering plus membership in professional trade groups – for engineers.