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Do My Air Ducts Need to Be Renovated?

New Home Air Duct System

The air ducts are just like any other component in your home: they need maintenance and sometimes renovation. The air duct controls the amount of air that needs to be delivered to the room to ensure the air in the room is of the desired temperature – if the HVAC system fails to achieve the desired temperature conditions in the room, the problem can be caused not only by a malfunctioning HVAC unit, but also by ducts that are leaking, have not been installed properly or are not the right size. Renovating your air ducts professionally by a residential HVAC Denver area contractor can solve many issues related to improper operation of the HVAC system as well as issues of abnormal energy consumption, so here what the process will involve if you turn to professionals:

  • Load calculations – the renovation technician will first of all inspect the system in your home and he will determine whether the HVAC system, including the air ducts, are properly sized for your home.
  • Testing – the technician will also perform a duct blaster test that consists in applying pressure to the ducts to discover leaks.
  • Duct enhancement – if the measurements indicate a leak, the technician will replace the faulty duct, or, if your system proves to be undersized, he will create the design that matches your requirements and he will also do the installation of the new system.