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Air Conditioner Busted? Here’s Some Reasons Why It Might Not Be Working

Air Conditioner Busted? Here’s Some Reasons Why It Might Not Be Working


Is your AC not keeping you cool like it should? It just might be broken. You know you can always rely on All Temperatures Controlled for all residential and commercial air conditioning repair in Denver, but you may be curious about why your system is always breaking. The following article provides a few reasons why your air conditioning unit might not be functioning the way it should:

AC Not Working? Here Are Some Possible Reasons Why

A faulty residential AC is a problem that you should deal with sooner rather than later. You might be dealing with issues with your refrigerant, or you might have fallen behind on maintenance. In some cases, the thermostat could be the culprit. If your AC isn’t working, continue for some possible reasons why.

Refrigerant Problems
There are only 2 possible reasons why your residential AC might be low on refrigerant: Either your HVAC pro didn’t fill it up enough in the first place, or you have a leak. Otherwise, there’s no reason for refrigerant to run low. If you didn’t have enough refrigerant in the first place, then adding more might do the trick. If you did, however, then you should address the leak before you top your residential AC off again. Your owner’s manual should let you know how much refrigerant you should have in your air conditioner.

Lack of Maintenance
Residential AC maintenance is easy, but not everyone remembers to stick to the schedule. Your conditioning coils and your air filters can both become dirty, which will hinder the efficiency and performance of your air conditioner over time. Lack of maintenance can also cause your unit to stop functioning altogether, which means you would need a new appliance to stay comfortable throughout the summer. Commit to your maintenance schedule to avoid this kind of problem.

Thermostat Communication
Your residential AC relies on input from your thermostat to determine how much cool air to pump out into your living space. If your air conditioner and your thermostat are not communicating properly, your unit won’t know how cold you want your air to be. Before you start taking your residential AC apart, make sure that your thermostat is passing the necessary information along to your unit.

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